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I had a wild dream about a bear trying to take out one of my brothers and I shot it. Maddie encouraged me to write a song about it, so we sat down and wrote that dream right out. Enjoy this field recording by the ever talented Jesse Weeden featuring Maddie Denton on tenor guitar and me on clawhammer; two rare occasions! Enjoy!


"Grief is the price you pay for love"... I was watching Anne of Green Gables, and although I'd heard this phrase before, it felt more profound than ever when Marilla Cuthbert said it. To feel the good things, we have to allow ourselves to feel the bad things, and that is something that I have been learning and trying to accept. 

I filmed this live take with Maddie Denton on a cloudy and windy day in Nashville, TN. The studio version will be released with my record later this year!



Resounding Strategies 

Billy Maupin 
Milly Parker

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